Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the 4th Be With You

metamora herald star wars

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away a genius wrote an epic novel series and made an Empire of loyal followers of Star Wars. I love the series of films and books. One of the great epic sagas of our time for sure. What began as a comment to Margaret Thatcher the day she was the first female Prime Minister put into office May 4th, 1979. “ May the 4th be with you, Maggie congratulations” from her party taking out a half page ad in the London Evening News. It took off from that moment, and with the internet, many fans have been able to engage with one another and celebrate the movies we all know and love.

Recently, I joined Twitter, and I started following Mark Hamill. I sent him a tweet and he liked it. I thought, wow Luke Skywalker liked what I said. I screamed like a little kid with delight. I know it isn’t that big of a deal, but it is. I just want to thank these people for making these movies and bringing so much joy to many. I am so sad that Carrie Fisher passed away, Princess Leia was a huge inspiration to me and many other girls. When I saw her fighting and how awesome she was I felt empowered and like girls can do anything. Carrie, you will be greatly missed, thank you for the inspiration.  

For tomorrow May 5th, it is a day to join in on the dark side. That is funny, but they do make the series eventful. So laugh it up fuzzballs [ Han Solo A New Hope] and May the 4th be with you all.

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