Friday, May 12, 2017

Local Entrepreneur Features: 1 of a Kind Crafts

metamora Herald 1 of a kind crafts
photo via 1 of a Kind Crafts 

When I attending the MGHJWC quarter auction in April, the vendors that were there had some great items. One table in particular caught my eye, 1 of a Kind Crafts, they sell really cute scrap-booking items and the coolest plates that are made with fabric pressed in glass. So many different themes and and pictures in the plates. They sell many other items and with Mother's Day around the corner they have a lot of great gift ideas. Here is the interview:

"Denise started the business in 2011 after separating from her job of 32 years. She had planned on looking for another career, but when her granddaughter was born 2 months premature, she was needed to provide one-on-one babysitting care for Ava, her granddaughter, who was on a monitor. Wanting to bring some money to the table, she decided to try to turn her scrap-booking hobby into a home based business. 

metamora herald cowboy plate
photo via 1 of a Kind Crafts

She got hooked on scrap-booking after using a coupon for a free class at Scrapadoodle in Peoria. At this class, she learned how to make the explosion book. The explosion book is a 6 X 6 mini photo album which holds 10 photos, and it opens up like an accordion to approximately 36 by 18 inches. All themes are available as she even designs some paper herself and is famous for her school theme paper.When she signed up for her first craft show, she didn’t even tell her husband, she just said she was going to be running errands all day. She did great and now she has her own websites and sells on Etsy, E-bay, & Facebook.

metamora herald wizard of oz
photo via 1 of a Kind Crafts

 Belinda, a friend since kindergarten, joined the team last year and brought fresh ideas with her including decorative plates and tiles, jewelry, birdhouses and wooden crafts.The plates are one of our most popular items. They are clear glass with fabric on the back and can be used as serving plates or for decoration. They are top-shelf dishwasher safe and have been sealed multiple times with dishwasher safe glue as well as baked in the oven several hours. Denise’s favorite item to sell is the sports team plates, knowing that they’ll be used at Super bowl or World series parties as serving trays. Belinda’s favorite item is the flower-themed plates which are beautiful and can also be used as memorial gifts."

1 of a Kind Crafts has so many great items that could be used as gifts or something for yourself. I think it is great two lifelong friends living the dream. Congratulations guys, I wish you much success.  Entrepreneurs are brave. Please check out some of their crafts on Etsy.

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