Tuesday, May 23, 2017

EMS, We Couldn't Live Without You!

metamora herald EMS week

May 21st-27th the NAEMT and ACEP are honoring and celebrating the important jobs of the EMS. In 1974, President Gerald Ford proclaimed this week to recognize the vital impact that EMS has on every community, and without the courage and sacrifice of these local heroes many more people would die. Various communities celebrate this week in several ways. However, there is a protocol nationally of ideas and ways for the EMS teams and their own communities to be engaged in celebrating.

The NAEMT has a campaign theme of EMS Strong this year, "Always In Service". The have a "theme" for each of the five days of EMS appreciation, to show the communities what they do and for EMS professionals to continue their education in being a vital member in healthcare services.
Day 1: Education Day, is an opportunity for communities to educate themselves about this profession, and also for the EMS team to show some of the techniques/equipment used in emergencies. There is a World CPR Challenge. This challenge is part of the campaign that everyone should learn CPR. Imagine that you are with a friend or a loved one and a medical emergency happens. Would you be able to help them or act quickly enough to help save their life? Learning CPR could be the difference between life and death.

Day 2: Safety Day, is a day to be sure that the EMS team is up to date on safety procedures. Sometimes harm can come to victims of emergencies and this protocol is in place to assure the safety of the crews and citizens. A couple of examples are [1] Rider Alert, which provides free identification data cards that will help first responders provide rapid and accurate medical assistance to motorcyclists involved in serious accidents. Another is the existing education program the NAEMT EMS Safety Course, which provides information about medical assistance accuracy and other valuable information.

Day 3: EMS for Children Day, [1] Children have unique physiological and psychological needs compared to adults – needs that are amplified in emergency situations. EMS for Children Day highlights the distinctive aspects of caring for children, and raises awareness about improving specialized care for children in pre-hospital and acute care settings. Giving them tours of the firehouse and letting them sit in the trucks and honk the horn are fun ways to get the kids involved and appreciate the EMS teams.

Day 4: Save-A-Life-Day, [1] It doesn’t matter how quickly EMS providers get to a scene – bystanders will always be there first. Save-A-Life Day empowers the general public to learn and apply the simple steps that can be taken to help save a life. To celebrate Save-A-Life Day you could, Plan to participate in the World CPR Challenge. A nation-wide campaign during EMS Week 2017 to train citizens in Compression-Only CPR. [Additional information at emsweek.org]. Organize a community hemorrhage control program by placing bleeding control kits in public places and offer training programs for citizens. Host a child restraint inspection event where EMS professionals can teach families how to transport children safely.

Day 5: EMS Recognition Day, a day to honor those who go above and beyond the call of duty everyday and to those EMS professionals who have lost their lives while providing their service . A lot are volunteers (yes, no pay) and get very little thanks. This day take time to be with your families or have a banquet and treat yourselves to a relaxing time. This job is full of adrenaline rushed stress and it is important to take time for yourself and enjoy being the hero that you are. You guys deserve this day, week, and so much more!

metamora herald ambulance

Thank you all for the wonderful and absolutely incredible jobs you guys do all year long. I have called all three fire departments in the area Metamora, Germantown Hills, and Spring Bay and asked them if they had any events planned or if our communities were doing anything to honor them. Nope, the only group honoring them is the MGHJWC, they will be baking treats and distributing them to Metamora and Germantown Hills. I will be doing a follow-up interview with the Spring Bay Fire Department, who are very up to date, enthusiastic about training their team efficiently,and ALL volunteer.

Please take the time to thank and honor our local heroes this week and all year long. Here is a website that sells EMS swag: http://www.promosontime.com/d/98/ems-week-view-all.htm great gift ideas for EMS teams or individuals. For additional info visit https://www.acep.org/emsweek/

Sources: [1] http://www.emsstrong.org

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