Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Computer Virus Going Around Locally

metamora herald computer virus

A Computer Virus attacking the local area. I was sent a letter by two different schools and also saw a post on social media warning of an email containing a Google Docs document. If you receive a message like that please disregard.

Good afternoon,

Several of us have received emails (possibly from people we know) asking us to accept a shared Google Doc request. Please, do not click on the link in this email as it is a scam to gain access to your email account, and thus send out more requests.

We are not the only school district to receive these emails. Schools across Illinois are receiving the exact same emails. I also have read reports of businesses receiving them as well.

Again, please do not click on any attachment or link in any email unless you specifically knew that you were going to receive that email. If you have doubts, call the person who sent you the email and ask them if they sent it.

Thank you,

Bill Upp
Technology Director
This message is being sent to parents/guardians of students in grades K – 8:

For the time being, please DO NOT OPEN any e mails that have the subject line:
_____________ has shared a document on Google Docs with you.  This has affected not only our school but others in the area.

Thank you.
Dan Mair, Superintendent

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