Monday, May 1, 2017

Ava Easter a Rising Star from Metamora

photo from Ava's Facebook page

Ava Easter [stage name] is a senior at Metamora Township High School, who is about to graduate. She is one of the performers that we had scheduled for our event, but we had to postpone. That is no reason to not be able to hear about her or listen to some of her music.  Here is a excerpt from the interview I had with Ava recently:

[Q] You are about to graduate right?

[A] That is correct! I'm graduating on May 21, 2017.

[Q] Are you going to college anywhere in the fall?

[A] I'm planning on going to ICC for the first two years, and then I might transfer to a college of my choice. It just depends on where life takes me.

[Q] What topics will you study?

[A]I will be studying psychology to become a counselor. I want to help people, whether that's through counseling, my music, or just being someone that another person can talk to.

[Q] What recording company are you gonna work with, and which video would you like me to embed the most?

[A] Currently, I am working with a studio called Oxide Lounge who specializes in recording albums and EPs. One of my absolute favorite songs to play live is my newest song: Out of Character.

So happy to be able to do this interview and I wish you all the best of luck Ava. Here are a few ways to follow Ava Easter and an awesome original song.
Twitter @AvaEaster

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