Sunday, April 2, 2017

World Autism Awareness Day April 2nd, 2017

Metamora Herald blue light bulb

Most of you know by now that I have a son with Autism. So, of course, I am going to honor today with an article. April 2nd,2017 is the 9th annual World Autism Awareness Day and all around the world people are celebrating. Many Autism organizations are hosting charity events to raise money and awareness.

Across the globe, historical sites and important structures are "Lighting It Up Blue" for the day. The White House, The Canadian National Tower (which is the tallest structure in the western hemisphere) and even the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro will all be lit up with blue lights today. This is an enormous event that is so important for the future of people with autism. So glad that people around the world are showing support and doing what they can to spread awareness.

Raising awareness is crucial to the cause. President Barack Obama stated on April 2nd, 2016, "Every person deserves the chance to reach for their highest hopes and fulfill their greatest potential." This is so true. Especially, when funding for education is being cut. The special needs departments get hit hard. Betsy DeVos, the newly appointed Education Secretary, has said: "it is best for individual states to decide how to educate students with special needs." She wants to move to a voucher system. This system is set up so that students with disabilities often give up their legal and civil rights. This could be the beginning of the end for public schools.

Please take today to educate yourself and others on the importance of IDEA and Autism Awareness. The Autism Speaks website has a donation link you can go to and contribute to this cause. Thank you. #LIUB


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