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Tax Day March April 15th 2017

Tax Day March April 15th 2017, Metamora Herald

What was originally a “tweet” on Twitter by Jennifer Taub, a law professor, and reiterated by comedian Frank Lesser.”Trump Tax Day March” is in full swing. Citizens of the United States of America had a spark inside them ignited. After a few months of hard work, several organizations have joined forces to hold marches at their local IRS offices.(The closest one I was able to find here in IL was in Chicago) Concerned citizens want the POTUS to release his tax returns.

Saturday, April 15th,2017, has been marked for the day of “Tax Day March”. The IRS has moved the actual tax day to Tuesday, April 18th, 2017, for the last day to file for a refund of income. This is due to the holiday weekend and also the 15th falling on a Saturday.

The right to Assemble peacefully is a critical right for us to be able to use. This and writing or calling your state’s government officials are the only ways we help to run our government. We vote people into office who we think are great at the time, but then next thing you know they are resigning for committing some infamous crime.

The truth is, we don’t really know enough about these officials who are making decisions for us that affect our daily lives. We see them for a few months or more on the campaign trail, in commercials about themselves or their opponents, and at town hall meetings. Does this really determine how they will vote? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It is time for a change in how things are being handled. In 2009, Lisa Madigan, IL Attorney General, put forth changes to the Illinois Open Meetings Act (OMA). The changes were put in “ to provide Illinois residents with more open and accountable government.”, according to the FAQ for public bodies. 

Unfortunately, crimes are still being committed by officials elected into office. We need better background checks and more transparency when it comes to our federal, state, and local governments. What they are involved in doing? How they are spending our tax dollars? Giving themselves raises every year? Some up to $10,000 or more and that is just here in Woodford County. Do we get a vote on this issue? 

The USA's government should be providing all of this information willingly and without the threat of the people being jailed, sprayed with water in the freezing cold weather, or maced by our own public service organizations paid for by our taxes. Citizens should be able to vote on legislation more easily, voice our opinions and be part of the success of our daily lives and our nation. 

Follow the links above for more information about the " Tax Day March" and what you can do to become more involved.

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