Friday, April 21, 2017

March for Science on Earth Day 04/22/2017

March for Science on Earth Day 04/22/2017, Metamora Herald

Earth Day, an event celebrated around the globe, will be held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.  This year will also be the first March for Science will take place. Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned, especially after all the Climate Change Info was removed from the White House website. The POTUS and his administration are cutting funding for science and research and the EPA and scientist are fighting back.

 Anti-science agendas and policies have been advanced by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and they harm everyone — without exception. Science should neither serve special interests nor be rejected based on personal convictions. At its core, science is a tool for seeking answers. It can and should influence policy and guide our long-term decision-making. On April 22, scientists and science supporters will unite worldwide to protest these actions. Thousands of people in almost 500 cities around the world will march together in support of science’s role in society and policy and to ensure our future. According to 

Science and the EPA need protection. Both are at risk of becoming obsolete in government. More and more scientists are being kicked from policy making. There is no official WH top Science Adviser and congress has passed bills that will squash scientific research and competence at the EPA. The scientific method is a search for truth at the very core and needs to be used in making policies. Logical and worthy policies. Scientists have felt in the past that they would come off as being liberal or leaning one way or the other politically. Science has now become so political they have no choice but to become involved before more irreparable damage occurs. 

This is why the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Geophysical Union, Earth Day Network, the March for Science organizers and many, many others will be marching on the Mall of Washington. The flagship event kicks off at 9:00 am with speakers from all around the U.S.A. like Bill Nye the science guy. The actual march will begin at 2:00 pm. According to, there will be an annual Science Fair (which was started by President Obama in 2010), but no date for this event has been finalized.

In Metamora, PAMBA will be cleaning up trails and doing some repairs to Black Partridge Park, contact them to be involved it is never too late. If you can’t join in, donate to the organizations mentioned here and in the above article or volunteer and become involved. Science and it’s vital future affects everyone. Planting trees and gardens can also help out with community sustainability. Do you enjoy food, medicine, and the clean air you breathe? Thank science. How about driving a car or space/air travel? Thank science. Like your internet, computer, phone, and electricity? Thank science. We wouldn’t have gotten very far in this world had it not been for the people who took chances and discovered/invented things. 


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