Monday, April 3, 2017

Local Government Information

Tomorrow, April 4th, 2017, we will be voting in local elections. With all the crazy things happening in our larger government entities, I am beginning to wonder about the local administration. How they are spending our tax dollars and is money being allocated correctly. The thing is it is kind of difficult to find out. A lot of digging has to happen and who has the time for all the red tape?

Most of our local offices have websites where they list the minutes of their meetings, and the people holding office are readily available. Many others do not make it this easy. Half of all executive sessions that a body holds must be released to the public annually. That is when everyone has to leave an open meeting for the board members to discuss more delicate situations. The minutes of these sessions are posted at the discretion of the governing body and are not required to be displayed online.

However, there are websites available that show how much our local public officials are paid annually, is one of them. You can go to the site and type in any county, township, city, or village you are curious a. This is a good way to see where some of you tax dollars are being spent. If you are curious about older and more recent real estate taxes or what the Woodford County Board is doing visit Apparently, they will be using a new program Odessy eFileIL, and this will make filing documents more convenient.

Please follow the links above for any information you are interested in seeing about. This could make voting easier when you have some more facts. Happy Voting Everyone!

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