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Local Entrepreneur Profile Highlights Michael Crowe

The Metamora Herald is proud to highlight a local entrepreneur that has made a great career for himself in the entertainment industry as an Actor, Fashion Model, and Producer for Network Television. Michael Crowe, born in Bloomington, Illinois, and graduated from Metamora Township High School in 2001.  Michael has been an actor since 2006, but acting is a far cry from graduating with an International Business Degree from BYU-Hawaii. Michael’s acting career was never even a thought until later in life,but he has had much success.

Growing up with a strong athletic background in wrestling and basketball, he moved to Metamora from Bloomington in time to win the 1997 8A State Basketball Championship at MGS.  Moving from Bloomington to Metamora was one of the best things that could have happened to Michael. After that game, he felt a great sense of confidence and community spirit that put him on a path to accomplish many great things. After high school, Michael enlisted in the Navy and became a chef stationed in Hawaii on-board USS Russell DDG-59 and traveled to 21 different countries during his Navy tour. When his tour of duty was over he settled on attending BYU-Hawaii.

In addition to the business classes he was studying, Michael became heavily involved in an organization called Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). This organization was dedicated to helping struggling businesses in the community thrive.  His fellow students were from around the world all there to learn how to “ go forth and serve, and bring  forth a message of hope and opportunity to their own countries,” according to Michael.  One project in particular he was especially fond of was that of Jon Mozo.  Jon was local a surf photographer who had tragically passed away, but his wife and family needed help continuing his business. Michael and his SIFE team stepped into help keep them going and placed 12th in the country for their efforts at the SIFE National Exposition. 

After seeing a local posted bulletin at BYU-Hawaii, his first audition was for The Nerd and he got a call back for one of the lead roles in the play. Even though he did not get that part it did not stop Michael from pursuing an acting career. After this, he auditioned for several other projects like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which he landed. He was a stand in for Jason Segal and also played a wedding guest. He worked on many student films and from there he applied for The Actors Studio Drama School and out of thousands of aspiring actors who applied only 50 were chosen, he was one of them. 

Michael graduated from the MFA program at the school in 2012. Since then he has traveled across the US making Edge of America, for the Travel Channel with Geoff Edgers. He will be in a few episodes of Mysteries at the Museum (a really great show that has reenactments of true life situations) that appears on the Travel Channel Thursdays at 9/8c. You can also watch Michael this Spring in Quantico on ABC Mondays 10/9c, and I am Homicide on the ID Discovery Channel Tuesdays 10/9c. Check out his IMBD page for performances in film and television. 

Michael is also the co-founder of the Progression Basketball Academy that helps turn struggling teams into winning programs. The Academy trains youth, high school, college and professional athletes. He is fond of sports and loves to be able to give back and work with the athletes. Now, in between his various acting projects ,he works behind the scenes on one of the best shows ever created called GIVE.

GIVE is a reality television series airing on NBC, hosted by Jenna Bush Hager and Blair Underwood. The program also features many compassionate celebrity ambassadors from film, television, music, sports, and businesses all on a mission to inspire the goodness in others. With the help of the country's top foundations, the series introduces viewers to the world of philanthropy through the story of small charities making a big impact. How awesome is that? Michael has had the pleasure of being the Production Manager doing a little of everything behind the scenes on a few of the episodes and is thrilled to announce GIVE has been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards.  Outstanding Children and Family Series and Jenna has been nominated for Outstanding Host in a Lifestyle/Travel/Children's/Family viewing program.The Emmy Awards will be on April 30th,2017. 

Glad to hear about a television program like this one. I asked Michael what has been your favorite episode so far? He said,” the episode that featured  Sunrise Day Camp(a day camp for cancer survivors for children ages 3 1/2 to 16) and City Parks Tennis ” Yes, be prepared to cry tears of joy and sadness when you watch the show GIVE, which appears Saturday mornings On NBC at 12 pm(check local listing).

Michael admitted to being pretty emotional while filming at the camp. He was so happy to see those sick kids just let loose and have a good time. For many of the kids it was something to really look forward to all year. He stated,” I feel the stories, and at the end of the day that is a good feeling.” I was so honored when Michael had contacted us and wanted to share the news of his program GIVE with us. Good luck to you and the rest of the cast and crew at GIVE. Thank you for thinking of your hometown and your hometown #1 news outlet. 

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Twitter: @Michael_Crowe

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