Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Evening with NASA

metamora herald astronaut

Location: Bethany Community Church's Community Building
27577 Dutch Ln, Washington,
Date: Tuesday, May 16
Time: 6 PM - 8 PM


Come hear from those involved both in the earlier days of the space program and also more recently. Hear about their passion, excitement, bravery, and calling that NASA- that the U.S.- was feeling about the Space Program. Also, hear from those currently working at Johnson Space Center as they share their vision for future missions. Don't miss this opportunity to ask your burning questions! We are working to line up speakers that are Astronauts, Flight Controlers, Flight Directors, Program Managers, etc. So far, speakers include the following:

Mr. Jim Wetherbee- is a former naval officer, aviator, test pilot, aerospace engineer, and NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of six Space Shuttle missions and is the only American to have commanded five spaceflight missions. Also former Deputy Director of Johnson Space Center.

Mr. Tommy Holloway- Holloway began his career with NASA in 1963, planning activities for Gemini and Apollo flights in the Mission Control Center. He was a flight director in Mission Control for early space shuttle flights and became chief of the Flight Director Office in 1985. In 1989, he was named Assistant Director for the Space Shuttle Program for the Mission Operations Directorate. In 1992, he became the Deputy Manager for Program Integration with the Space Shuttle Program; in 1994 he was named Director of the Phase 1 Program. Holloway was named manager of the Space Shuttle Program in August 1995. He became Manger, International Space Station Program, in April 1999. On September 30, 1999, he received the prestigious Robert R. Gilruth Award, given to recognize outstanding managers of operations, engineering and science programs.

Mr. Norman Knight- Chief, Flight Director Office at NASA, Johnson Space Center. He leads NASA’s team of Flight Directors and provides technical and budget accountability for the Flight Director’s Office in Mission Operations. He is responsible for all human spaceflight operations including the International Space Station (ISS), new exploration initiatives, and Commercial Spaceflight coordination. ***Mr. Gary Johnson helped us transition from Apollo era to Shuttle. He was also the premier authority in our interactions and relationship with Russia and their Space Program.
 Mr. Rick Houston is the author of the book "Go Flight: The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control." He conducted interviews with many of the great space explorers.

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