Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Erin's Law Meeting, What you need to know

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 April 25th,2017 the Germantown Hills Middle School will have a meeting about Erin's Law. Erin Merryn is a child sexual abuse survivor. She has been working very hard for years to get prevention programs on sexual abuse into every school in every state. So far she has accomplished this in 26 states and won't stop until she has all 50. This is a difficult topic for many parents and teachers/staff to educate children on. It is uncomfortable and ugly, and no one wants to think it can happen to their child and it shouldn't. Unfortunately, it does.

The statics for sexual abuse according to the erinslawillinois.org :

  • In 2012, 8,827 Illinois children received a forensic interview through a Children’s Advocacy Center.
  • 67% of the children referred to CACs for child sexual abuse were 12 and under.
  • With an estimated 39 million survivors of sexual abuse in America 3 million of those are children right now living in our country. That 3 million could fill 46 national football stadiums. 

That is a large number for the USA to have don't you think? I am also shocked at the amount. This is why this program is so important to the future generations of kids in school. It is also very important to speak with your child at home again and again. One time won't help, you have to check in with them and make sure they understand NO ONE is allowed to touch you. Children are often abused by someone they know : family members, teachers, preachers, family friends and other children.

Here is the email I received from GHMS:

On Tuesday, April 25th, Deanna Butler from the Tazewell County Children’s Advocacy Center will be here to speak to parents about how our district meets the requirements of Erin’s Law. This will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the JDS Gym.  Erin’s Law, which was signed into law in Illinois in January 2013, requires that all public schools implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program.  For the last couple years, we have partnered with Mrs. Butler to provide age-appropriate instruction for our students on this topic.  This presentation will be an opportunity for parents to hear what the content of the instruction entails as well as to ask questions.

Thank you!

Dan Mair, Superintendent
Germantown Hills School District 69

It is our responsibility to educate our children about what to do when we are not with them. We should be able to let them go to hangout with friends and family and at school/church functions and know they are safe and know how to take care of themselves. It is hard for a child to say no to an adult, especially one that they know and trust. I know, I know, it is so awful to think about this topic, but turning a blind eye will not help anything.

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