Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Equal Pay Day April 4th,2017

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Spanning across the United States today, women and businesses are recognizing that women have earned and deserve equal pay that their male co workers receive. Stephanie Ruhle from MSNBC, had an all women panel this morning to talk about Equal Pay Day and other issues. All of these women have been faced with the facts, they are not receiving as much pay as the male reporters they work along side. Even though, they work just as hard, if not harder to prove themselves to be credited professionals in their line of work. For some reason, they are not paid equally.

In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was signed. Now at that time, women were making .59 cents on average for every dollar a man made. The act was signed to ensure equal pay for women and black men. With the Civil Rights Movement in full swing, I am sure people felt things would change for the better and soon. Yet in 2016, the average salary for a women in the U.S. was 79% of that of an average male.( Wow! 57 years and that is all the progress that has been made?) In 1979, the National Committee on Pay Equality (NCPE) was founded. This is a large group of women’s and civil rights organizations,labor unions, professionals,religious, legal and educational associations. They work together to end sexism and promote equal pay in the workforce.

This organization is who introduced the idea of Equal Pay Day here in the U.S. in 1996. It is recognized all around the world, but is not on the same day every year. Due to the fact that other countries pay women more than usual, but still not enough to be equal, their day of celebration is earlier in the year. Equal Pay Day falls on a Tuesday, but always a different month or day of the month. According to the NCPE, “  It represents how far into the next year women must work in order to earn what men earned the year before. It usually falls on a Tuesday, to show how far into the next work week women must work to match pay earned by men.”  

Something people may not realize is the effect not paying women enough can hurt the economy locally and globally. Today, Nancy Pelosi, who is a Democratic Leader in our government, tweeted" The Pay Gap is an affront to women's contributions to our communities." Does this make businesses think? Yes, some are having sales today to help promote Equal Pay Day. How can you become involved? Join women and men across the U.S. and talk about what can be done locally, encourage businesses to take part in today and become a member of the NCPE. Go to their website and print their Statement of Principles, fill out and fax to (703)979-6372, or you can mail it to:

National Commitee Pay Equality ℅ AFT
555 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001-2029
ATTN: C. Cordovilla

Don’t just sit on the sidelines, step up and get involved. If not you, who?

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