Thursday, April 27, 2017

Do You Know How Climate Change is Affecting You?

metamora herald air pollution

Earth Day Organization is on a mission to educate everyone by the year 2020, on climate change and environmental issues and what we can do to help future generations. The rate at which the earth is heating up is increasing at a much faster pace than scientist had predicted. When the earth’s temperature increases from carbon dioxide and other chemical toxins released into our atmosphere and held in by the ozone layer the ocean’s temperature also rises. This is what has lead to the melting of ice in Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, and glaciers around the world.

Some of you may already know this, but this week all over our great nation and world, Science March supporters, Earth Day advocates and environmentally friendly citizens are still taking action in getting more people involved with the Climate Change Education Movement. This Saturday, April 29th, 2017, there is going to be another march held in Washington. This one is for Climate Change Awareness, climate change deniers and educating them. How does any of this this affect you?

The Midwest has been affected by the climate change for many years now. If action is not taken in the immediate future more damage will be done. Flooding, soil contamination, water contamination, increased allergens, increased hot weather that can lead to heat stroke or death. All of these have occurred in Illinois. The Illinois river is really high right now. Go look and see for yourself.

 Are you concerned with these issues and want to become more involved on being part of the solution? I am looking for individuals ready to ban together in our local communities and show our concern and dedication to helping the environment and protecting future generations. Please join me by contacting let me know if you would be interested in joining a committee to educate our communities on climate change/environmental issues and the affect it has on us locally, speaking at or attending rallies. We can make a difference through local action that helps create a global impact.

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