Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

March is my new favorite month. Women’s History being celebrated. A day for eating pie (3-14), and now St. Patrick’s Day a of getting tipsy. America is great! The only holiday in the world where all of a sudden everyone is Irish for the day (besides Ireland) . Everywhere you see t-shirts and what not, Kiss me I am Irish and Buy Me a Beer I am Irish. Something like that anyway. I remember hearing about some Pied Piper and snake story and the booze,  but that is all I really knew about St. Pat’s Day,until now. No snakes in Ireland, but there haven't ever been.

St. Patrick was an immigrant to Ireland through the Church, but he had been kidnapped as a child and taken there to be a slave. During this time, he learned about Irish culture and speaking the language. Finally, he escaped and after many years, he decided to go back. He had prophetic dreams about bringing Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick wore green and used the clover as a metaphor of the Holy Trinity. The celebration occurs on the day of his death, and people were allowed to for go lent for one day. This is why the holiday is associated with so much eating and drinking.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated world-wide. All over the globe people make corned beef and cabbage, partake in wearing green, and drinking green beers. In Chicago, IL, the families of Rowan’s and Butler’s have been turning the Chicago River Green since the 1960’s. They use a vegetable based substance that is orange but turns green when it hits the water. The formula for this is a huge secret. Seriously, a big well kept secret. Even though, the families assure us that is is natural and harmless this leaves some groups concerned. Like The Friends of the Chicago River. Margaret Frisbie, director of the group stated “ I think this sends a message the river isn’t alive. Dying the river green doesn’t respect that resource.”

However, you spend your St. Patrick’s Day have fun but be safe. Don’t drink and drive! Always take a cab, it is safer and cheaper in the long run. There are a lot of activities going on tonight and it being a Friday is good because many will need to sleep in this Saturday.  If you are staying here in Metamora, stop by the Home Turf Tap. They are having a special Irish inspired meal and green beer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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