Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MGHJWC March Meeting

Metamora Herald volunteers and donations JWC

Monday, March 27th, the JWC meeting, was so informative. There is a lot going on with the Metamora Germantown Hills Junior Women’s Club(MGHJWC) in the next few months. This will be my first year in being involved with these events and I am looking forward to participating and doing what I can. After the meeting adjourned we lined up and put together first night kit bags for children. These bags are for kids at Heart House in Eureka,that have to leave their homes in a hurry and can’t bring their stuff. We collected 20 of each different item we placed in the bags. Such as soap, toothpaste, brush, coloring books/crayons, and a stuffed animal, etc.

Metamora Herald volunteering JWC

The MGHJWC has been around doing little things here and there to help out in many different charities. In February, the MGHJWC raised money for the students after school snack pack. They also collect box tops for local schools and now thru May we are collecting soda can tabs for St. Jude.
That names a few local charities, but they also raise money for UNICEF, and a program that buys shots for underdeveloped countries.

Metamora Herald 1st night kits for kids JWC

Have you ever wanted to get involved with helping out with charities or your local community, but you just weren’t sure where to begin? Try looking into your local JWC and become a part of something special and unique for the world.

Living each day trying to accomplish something, Not merely exist. From Junior Women’s Club Pledge.

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