Thursday, March 23, 2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting 3/21/2017

Metamora Village Board Meeting 3/21/2017, Metamora Herald

This was the most exciting Village Board meeting I have been to thus far. So much information and things happening, my hand was scribbling as fast as it could. This is such an exciting time in Metamora and surrounding areas. The digital sign on Route 116 has been approved for now. This has been an ongoing problem with IDOT. Hopefully, we are in full compliance now and will be tagged for approval.
The Fire Department’s Chief Slugga was present to talk about getting new pagers and radios for the fighters, and it was approved. Safety of our fireman and community should always be a top priority. The police departments negotiations are underway, and they may be receiving new equipment later this year. The Emergency Response Plan has been updated after nine years.
There were many discussions of water. There is standing water by the cemetery on Coal Bank Road that has to be looked into, a drain pipe on Madison that needs to be repaired, blower motors need to be replaced at the sewer plant, and Hallmark needs a new hydrant for safety reasons. Not to mention Camp Tapawingo is trying to get a new water supply through Black Partridge Park.
We at the Herald were trying to have a “Meet the Candidates Event” at the Metamora Square on Friday night but decided we would be overshadowed by the fish fry at Snyder Village from four to seven. So we suggested to candidates to go to the fish fry and speak to the estimated 600 or more people that will be there.
The next meeting has been moved to April 5th, 2017 due to the election. The current board members will continue on throughout the month of April, and until new members of the board are elected. I was given the privilege of taking the Village Board’s picture for them to use for their wall of photos. Thank you, I feel honored to help out. Come to the next meeting to speak with Jennifer from the Tri-County Planning Commission. 

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