Thursday, March 23, 2017

Local Candidate Profile: Ted Gray

I am Ted Gray and am running for Worth Township Highway/Road Commissioner. Having worked on the township roads for 13 years, I learned how to properly take care of the roads, including how to blacktop, spray-patch, plow snow and cold patch, as well as many other duties, and some of the administrative roles too.
 I believe that my knowledge would be a great asset to our township. I would use that knowledge to keep all possible jobs that the township employees can do (and have done in the past) in house and not outsource to other companies which cause unneeded expense to the township. Making sure jobs that absolutely have to be outsourced are done well at a reasonable cost. 
 If given the privilege of doing this job for the people of worth township I will make it my only job and plan on being accessible full time. Being there full time will allow me to supervise the employees and the projects that are necessary to keep our roads as safe as possible.

I thank you for your support
Ted Gray

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