Friday, March 17, 2017

Local Candidate Profile: Brian Schieber

Local Candidate Profile: Brian Schieber,Metamora Herald

  Hello. My name is Brian Schieber, and I am proud to be the Republican candidate for Metamora Township Highway Commissioner.  I grew up here on my family’s farm that started in 1863.  I am blessed to live here with my wonderful wife, Niki, and our two children, Kade and Tinley. My parents are Roger and Debbie Schieber.  My grandparents were Frank and Estella Schieber.  They have taught me a lot and respect for our community.  I have been active in the community from a young age.  Everything from multiple sports, to Boy Scouts, 4-H, and FFA. I am a member of Metamora Christian Union Church.  I attended Metamora Grade School, MTHS, Illinois Central College, Illinois State University, and a FarmHouse alumni.  I am currently self-employed and help my father farm part-time.  This position is a full-time job, and I am more than willing to accept this responsibility.  I would not do this if I were not able to excel at performing the duties required.  If you give me the honor of serving for you, this will be my full-time job.  I am running for this position because the incumbent told me that he was not running again after the last election.  He sat down with me and showed me what the position requires and what needs to be done.  I have been planning on running for this for a long time. 
     My experiences include working on my family's farm from a very young age and have had the privilege of operating all types of equipment and becoming proficient in their operation.  They include agricultural, water management, and construction equipment.  Some examples are: excavators, backhoes, semis, dozers, graders, snow plows, rollers, tile machines, scrapers, tractors, and many others.   I have learned the computer and technology side of the ever changing advancements which is also widely used in the scope of road and bridge construction.  I have a CDL and a Illinois Pesticide Applicators license.  The Highway Commissioner is responsible for the control of noxious weeds in the township.  I started working part-time for our neighboring Worth Township in 1998 with snow removal and other winter activities.  After college, I started helping Metamora Township with the same.  I have helped with projects, in which I have also been the heavy equipment operator to complete them.  Including large culvert replacements, drainage water control structure repair/replacement, driveway installation, spray patching, and the building and reseal of roads in the township. Over the years I have gained knowledge of the responsibilities and the work required to maintain, construct, and keep the roads and bridges safe for the people who travel our township.  I have had the honor of working with other bodies of Woodford County government and will serve the residents honorably as Metamora Township Highway Commissioner.  I will improve and make our township attract and keep people by making and maintaining an excellent perception.  I know what the position requires, and I can bring tons more to the table. 
     I want everyone to know I will keep the roads, right-a-ways, and bridges safe year round for everyone's family, friends, and businesses that use them.  Bring hard work, honesty, transparency, fairness, and management skills to this position.  I will listen and address the needs and suggestions of our residents.  Operate the road and bridge district within the scope of the laws that governs it.  Utilize the budget effectively for the taxpayers.  Be diligent in seeking state and federal funds that are available to assist the township, which can help decrease the tax levy needed.  I will work closely with the township board and county engineer.  Also with the Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Local Roads and Streets, Township Officials of Illinois, and Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois.  I will follow the Illinois Department of Transportation's General Administrative Duties of the Township Highway Commissioner.  Properly maintain assets and keep inventory and shelter of them.  I am interested in the economy and efficiency that can result from working with neighboring commissioners and other bodies of government through inter-governmental agreements for utilizing equipment and helping each other.  I would like to have a local disaster and emergency plan between the village, fire, police, and township that would focus on our local needs and how we could assist each other in a time of need.  I will work hard for every resident, and this will be a full-time job for me, working for the Road and Bridge District. You can not make progress without change.  Let’s move forward together.  I will work hard for you! 
    As with every election, I understand there is some misinformation out there in regards to this election.  I would encourage anyone with any concerns to contact me or through my website  You can also leave your number if you would like a return call or to meet me in person.  I have been raised and take pride in being honest, hard-working, and a good role model.  Make your voice heard and vote April 4th! 

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