Thursday, March 30, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Taxation "without limitation" at MTHS

Letter to the Editor: Taxation "without limitation" at MTHS, Metamora Herald
The New Metamora Herald Online is proud to publish our first letter to the editor


Once again MTHS wants to raise taxes in the amount of $11,000,000 for a Building Program.

The MTHS Referendum states “Without Limitation”; do taxpayers understand these words “?

New Grade School, Middle School and High School Campuses have designed and built for $11 million dollars; MTHS is proposing to remodel and add onto their facility.

Does the $11 million include the demolition of the existing Bus Barn, the purchase of the existing Metamora Township Building and the construction of a new Bus Barn?

Apparently, MTHS’s Building Program in 2010 did Not meet their Long Term Needs; as told to taxpayers then.

If safety and security is a concern of MTHS, why did they not utilize their Health/Life Safety monies before now? The Columbine Tragedy occurred in 1999.

The full impact of Caterpillar’s moves and layoffs are unknown.

Some Metamora and Germantown Hills Business Owners will be taxed with no vote.

As funding for schools from the State is certainly questionable, MTHS wants more money to build a bigger school? Now is not the time!! The High School Program sounds like a list of “wants” not real “needs”.

Is a Culinary Classroom that important to have at MTHS when ICC has an excellent program?

MTHS’s program survey of 350 people is neither a majority of the 1,000 students nor the registered voters.

If your home is taxed at $150,000, an additional tax of $50 the first year for MTHS will be increased by 3% to 4.5% EACH YEAR in addition to other tax increases.

The MGS tax would be an additional tax burden.

I believe the Schools need to make the necessary budget revisions to live with what they receive now.

Craig Wright
Business Owner

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