Friday, March 31, 2017

History of April Fools Day

History of April Fools Day, Metamora Herald

 April Fools Day is a fun, small holiday popularized in the 1700's in England. In our modern day, it is celebrated by playing a variety of good hearted pranks on whoever and spreading laughter. However, the tradition began in France in the 1500's and started when a poet wrote about a man sending his servants on ridiculous errands on this holiday. The holiday is also referred to as "All Fool's Day" and is celebrated all around the world. Many people in the earlier centuries would celebrate by making fake wanted posters or requesting silly things from workers. Today news companies will usually post a fake article or restaurants will create a fake menu item and trick their gullible customers. Have a happy April Fools and play a prank on someone to celebrate the tradition!

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