Thursday, March 23, 2017

GHMS Making BIG Changes

GHMS Making BIG Changes, Metamora Herald

The new addition is very modern and energy efficient with geothermal heating throughout the building. The rooms are very accommodating in size, and it is quite a large expansion. The new media area is very cozy and calming and will make an excellent space for young minds to learn. However, there are new bus arrival, parking, and dropping off/picking up children procedures that might have some kinks but will be addressed as needed. This will be a work in progress, so everyone’s patience and cooperation is needed. 

  GHMS already has an excellent academic program set in place with new features that are helping students to make strides in learning. They will be continuing this in the future with being able to provide every student with Chromebooks, tablets, or computers for classroom use. Teachers have been and will continue to educate themselves on new learning practices and integrated ELA and Social Studies, and a core curriculum that benefits the student overall. An example is their Farm-to-School Program, the students can learn so much from gardening. Think about it. The meal we were served was exquisite. It is the same food served to the students and faculty for school lunches. Those kids are so lucky to have that program in place.

 The Germantown Elementary School will become a school for children with special needs. WICSEA and Easter Seals will have programs in place for these kids and depending on your child’s IEP they may be placed there or stay at GHMS. I couldn’t get any other reply from anyone than that. My son is in the ATLAS Program at GHMS I am hoping he can stay where he is because it is such a great program. 

 If you are interested in finding out more about these changes or have any questions contact GHMS.

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