Monday, March 27, 2017

GHMS going to Odyssey of the Mind World Championship

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Great job and congratulations to the Germantown Hills Middle School’s Jr. High Scholastic Bowl Team for winning the Conference Championship this month. Also, at GHMS, the three Intermediate School Odyssey of the Mind Teams. On March 18th, 2017, they won at the State Competition and qualified for the World Championship.  This is such a huge event, and I am so excited for the students who are participating.

The Odyssey of the Mind is a program founded by an educator, Dr. C. Samuel Micklus, in the 1970’s. He wanted a way to inspire innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving that is educational and fun for the classroom.  He began doing this while teaching and the idea grew bigger and more kids got involved, and now it is an honorable competition celebrated worldwide. How awesome is it that some local kids will be taking part of this event?

The OotM is broke up into five categories: Mechanical/Vehicle, Technical performance, Classics, Structure, and Performance. The students are given different “Long Term Problems, ” and they are given weeks or months to solve the problems. They can use brainstorming techniques, write a play, paint a picture, and many other constructive and innovative problem-solving techniques. The students are challenged with short-term problems as well. This is the evolution of education and GHMS is showing how they are trying these new techniques, and the results are mostly positive.

Unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures of the what projects they are working on until after the championship competition, but I am sure is awesome. The World Championship OotM will be held at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan on May 24th - 27th. Follow links for more information. Good luck teams!


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