Monday, March 6, 2017

Down Syndrome Awareness and John's Socks

metamora herald colorful socks

It is stories like this one that give me hope for the future of my son Zeke who has Autism. Many times I often wonder what will happen to him when he is an adult? How will he work? Survive? I have spent hours pondering and crying about these future challenges, and today, I have found a unique business. John’s Crazy Socks, owned and operated by John Cronin and his father Mark X. Cronin, is an online website that sells fun, colorful, and well crazy socks.

What makes this website so unique and special is that John was born with Down Syndrome, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of providing great customer service and great socks to chose from. John is so great at customer service he has even hand delivered some orders in his hometown. He works hard at school and is learning retail business skills as well. He handles shipping and also choosing the merchandise he feels will please his customers the most.

He has also been involved in the Special Olympics his whole life and that is why he decided that 5% of all of their profits are donated to that cause all year long. But they have “special” socks that they also donate a portion of the sale to a specific charity. There are four different categories as of right now, but they would like to add more. So of course there is a Down Syndrome Awareness Socks, Autism Awareness Socks, Breast Cancer Awareness Socks, and Blue Whale Socks for  the Whaling Museum and Education Center in Cold Spring Harbor.

3-21- 2017, World Down Syndrome Day marks the 5th year of it being recognized in the U.S. Celebrate with the adorable 3-21 socks. 3-21 represents the missing chromosome for people with Down Syndrome and the day we celebrate awareness for this syndrome. John’s Crazy Socks and see the inventory available. Unfortunately, for us they are sold out of many kinds of socks, but that is great for them. I really like the Starry Night socks and when they are restocked I have to buy them.

New developments from research happen all the time.  The future isn’t written in stone. I hope this business has a lot of success. Good luck Cronins!

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