Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local Entrepreneurs Feature: Carrie Walters

Metamora Herald cleaning supplies Carrie Walters

I met and worked with this wonderful woman about 12 years ago at the local DQ. We were both shift leaders and had a lot of laughs while working. Well, years have gone by and now we are both entrepreneurs. Carrie Walters Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and also the owner of CJ Cleaning. Carrie was born in Metamora and has lived here almost her whole life and is currently raising her family here as well.

So I asked Carrie “what made you go into business for yourself?”. She replied, “ I wanted to show my kids that I could be independent. I could run a business and that would make me feel like an empowered woman.” Carrie had allergic reactions to some cleaning agents. She needed an alternative way to clean and found that in Norwex. “ I was thinking about the harm being done to myself and the environment, but also future generations.” The products Carrie sells and uses are environmentally safe and people friendly.

Part of the job of being an Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex Cleaning is booking parties and if you are interested in having one in the future or buying these products and contact Carrie go to http://www.CarrieWalters.Norwex.Biz/ You can also go to her Facebook page Carrie Walters Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. Carrie is now taking classes at Ashford University, for a degree in Business Entrepreneurship. She is always looking to the future! 

Metamora is a great place to live. Caring Community, great schools, and safe neighborhoods for kids to play. I love it! I am so glad I am raising my kids here and also decided to begin The New Metamora Herald online. I now realize there are many like minded individuals in the 61548 zip code that have also started their own businesses. I am glad I have the opportunity to share their stories.

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