Thursday, February 23, 2017

Metamora Police Chief Teen Outreach

metamora heralal pizza day police


     Much of the news today is filled with so much crime and hatred. Hatred for the criminals and hatred for the men and women who are out catching the criminals. It is a difficult job to try and make a difference. Metamora is full of wonderful people doing great things to make a difference. For example, our own Chief of Police, Chief Todd takes three different days of the month and has pizza at Metamora High School with some students. No, it’s not a special club or pizza party prize. It is just a great guy doing hands-on community outreach. 

 Chief Todd had wanted a way to hang out with the high school aged kids and let them feel at ease. He had spoken to the principal and asked him if it would be ok to come eat lunch with the students. The principal liked the idea and offered to buy the chief lunch, but instead, Chief Todd decided he would provide the lunch but with a small catch. The students have to actually talk to him. They have to ask him a question, and it can be personal or professional. 

   I asked the chief “what do you want to accomplish from this?”. He says “I am just letting the kids know we are regular people just like them. We are not robots.” He really enjoys getting to spend time with the students here and some outside of school. This is why he lets them ask him personal things. Keeping an open playing field for all involved. I bumped into a student Timmy Fortner, and asked him "are you getting pizza?" He said, “I do have a question about my purple license plate light being legal.” Good luck Timmy. The crowd started gathering quickly, and so I ducked out of the way to not get trampled by the stampede of hungry teens

    The school and Chief Todd have been doing this for many years. So many in fact that he has actually run into adult past students who remembered him and his outreach program. Nowadays, Casey's General Store is donating 6 pizzas once a month to help support this awesome program. Thank you to the school for allowing it and for the kids who participate, and to Police Chief Todd for taking the time and making the effort!

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