Saturday, February 4, 2017

Germantown Grille Moving to a New Location

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It is always great to see our local businesses flourishing and doing well. Since 2012, Jake and Sarah Adkins have been doing just that with their awesome bar and restaurant, The Germantown Grille. Their unique and delicious menu offers a wide variety of selections such as burgers, wings, pizza, and wraps. The Germantown Grille is moving to a new location. It is not too far from the original spot just across the highway. They will be moving to 505 Ten Mile Creek Rd. where Video World use to be located.

I asked Jake “why did you guys decide to move?”He replied “ The location we are in now is great, but we have outgrown it.” “Instead of gutting the whole thing we decided to buy a bigger venue.” He mentioned a banquet room. I am very excited about that! They will be having new beers on tap and their new tap is beautiful. Pictures on their facebook page.

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This is all taking place very soon! They will be closing the doors at 513 Jubilee Lane on February 12th,2017 and reopening at the new location by February 17th,2017. I can’t wait to see what the new place looks like. Congratulations Jake and Sarah!

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