Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Solutions Journalism in Metamora

Solutions Journalism in Metamora
People on both sides of the political spectrum have expressed dissatisfaction recently with the current state of journalism. Many people find even the largest and most broadly published news stories as suspect of having misleading content at best, and some as downright false. It isn’t just this “fake news” that is disturbing to some. The constant negative overtone of major news outlets takes its toll on the psyches of unsuspecting consumers. The adversarial tone of nearly every cable news program puts forth a point/counterpoint style of presentation that promotes contention and divisiveness. Many people have tunned out.
While some point the blame at over commercialization of what has traditionally been seen as the “fourth estate” still others claim the constant negativity is the biggest problem. Neal Gabler of the Columbia Journalism Review recently wrote in his article entitled “Five ways the media bungled the election”:
“The problem with negativity is that it is self-reinforcing. It builds on itself until it supersedes everything, including positive coverage. It also corrodes belief in the system when that faith is essential to a healthy democracy. “
I have recently found what I hope to be a great alternative to traditional journalism. Solution journalism strives to not only report on problems in our society, but also on the work people are doing to make positive change. We want to disseminate these stories to encourage and inspire readers to be the change that they want to see in the world.
The Metamora Herald will work to bring you stories of hope and inspiration. Our partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network will help us to craft these tales. Thanks for reading.

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