Sunday, January 22, 2017

Peoria Womens Rally

Metamora Herald, Peoria Womens Rights Rally 1/21/2017

 The Peoria Women's Rally, held on January 21, was an incredible event that featured live uplifting music from 10-11 AM, and then from 11-12, 10 speakers told their opinions on topics such as health care, LGBTQIA rights, Womensimmigration, and education. The rally was hosted by volunteers from around the community who made a fantastic effort to get the people involved in these important topics. There was also a 'hope bowl' that everyone in the crowd could put slips of paper in with their dreams for the future.
  All across the globe on the 21st people came together to support the movement and protest what they don't believe in. They were all held in support oWomen's March in Washington DC, which had over 275,000 people attending. There were also several huge marches in LA and Atlanta, Georgia.
  Everyone in the area was welcome to attend the rally,  and while I was there I saw a variety of children, men, and women in the crowd. The crowd chanted all sorts of empowering phrases with the speakers such as "We choose when to procreate because church and and state don't ovulate." The rally was peacful and I'm sure everyone left feeling more confident about the future and empowered because the crowd size was impeccable.
  My favorite quote of the day was from Sherry Allen, "We are a force to be reckoned with." and she is right. The people of America who are hoping for change are definitely coming together and will fight for what they believe they deserve.

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