Friday, January 27, 2017

Gov Rauner State of the State and Budget Concerns

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Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his “State of the State” address in Springfield Wednesday, January 25 2017. State Senator Chuck Weaver released the following statement:

“I think Governor Rauner has done a good job of laying out the major issues that have plagued our state for years. And he was right to point out that we have made some accomplishments in the last two years, including record funding for our schools. We have also however, discovered how hard change can be, and how much resistance there can be to changing the status quo. I think recent movement on a budget deal shows that there is a desire and will among the rank and file legislators to take bipartisan action to improve our state. This is a good starting point, but we cannot settle for less than what our state must have to survive. We have to end the massive outmigration of people and jobs to other states. We can’t rest, there is momentum building. We can grow jobs and our economy, reduce the crushing burden on families of our high property taxes, and have the stability and growth needed to give our children a bright future here in Illinois.”

Yesterday, Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a motion in state court to “dissolve a preliminary injunction that allowed state workers to be paid during the budget impasse.” If state workers stop getting paid, the pressure to agree on a budget will likely drive the Dems and Republicans in our state to act quickly. It is unfortunate that we have spent over a year and a half without being able to work together to solve this problem. This does not seem like a reasonable compromise to me. I believe it will really hit people hard and cause major problems for families in Illinois.

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