Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Holiday Season Is Especially Difficult For Individuals Battling Food Addictions

Overeaters Anonymous 12-Step Program Offers Hope and Support

 The holiday season brings excitement, nostalgic traditions and a plethora of social activities that tend to revolve around food consumption. For those who battle compulsive eating, the added stress of the holidays and abundance of food can trigger overeating. This often leads to embarrassment, guilt, depression and unwanted pounds. For individuals struggling with various food addictions, especially during the holidays, Overeaters Anonymous (OA) can provide much-needed support and a path to recovery. OA offers a 12-step program that addresses emotional, physical and spiritual well-being as a path to recovery.
 There are no dues or fees for membership. OA members are given the tools to seek and find recovery from compulsive eating behaviors. There are six weekly OA meetings in Peoria. For more information, please call (309)655-0616 or visit

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