Monday, November 7, 2016

Donald Trump is a genius

Donald Trump is a business tycoon and has been since the 70’s, and he is now running for the president of the United States. I personally am not sure how that qualifies him to be the president, but I guess some people like him for a choice. He would be the first president (if elected) to have no prior military or political experience. In my opinion, you would be better off writing in Mickey Mouse on the ballot instead of voting for him. 

Donald John Trump was born in 1946 in New York to Fred and Mary Trump. Fred was a real estate mogul, and he owned many apartment buildings and properties. At one time, he and his father were accused of being racially discriminating about who got to rent from the Trumps. They brushed it off as some people didn’t have enough income not that they were colored.  After Donald graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, his father gave him Elizabeth Trump and Son which he later changed the name to the Trump Organization. 

He invested in real estate with the money his father gave him and opened high-end, lavish hotels, casinos and apartment buildings. Now this is where his true genius comes into play. He would get investors for the business while only using a small percentage of his own money. He hired contractors and construction workers at the lowest wage possible (some workers were illegal immigrants), and then after completion complains the work is sub par and refuses to pay the wages. He also threatened to have some workers deported if they complained to anyone.

After owning the businesses for a while and exploiting to his advantage all their worth, he files for bankruptcy on them. This way he can make more money off of a business that flops. What I meant by exploiting their worth is , he has companies that produce his hotel and casino merchandise. Towels, shampoo, soap, and bed sheets are just some of the items I am referring.  Really smart business decisions and what made it even better for him is that he outsourced many of the products to other countries and paid a much cheaper price to have them made.  

The Donald Trump collection is a great example of this process. The company carries eyeglasses, suits, dress shirts, ties and other accessories. Most of these items are produced in China, India, South Korea, Bangladesh , and even Mexico. Interesting right? Not to mention, his beverages (Trump Vodka fail), cologne, housewares, and the hotel amenities already discussed. All of these products made cheaper for Donald’s profit, whilst stating over and over that he is against outsourcing and tries to shame other companies for doing the exact same thing he does.

Another smart business move he did was to begin the Trump University. This was a fake school he created to rip people off and it worked. People paid a lot of money (some class fees were $36,000) to get an education on business and how to be successful like Donald. Unfortunately, this was a scam and the real lesson people learned was how to get scammed by a selfish rich individual. The state of New York has a $40.000,000 civil lawsuit against the fake school for defrauding its “students” pending November 28th, 2016, which happens to be only a few weeks away. 

Donald Trump also makes a lot of money for letting companies use his name. One of his most profitable businesses is his branding. He is not necessarily involved in the business just his name. For instance, the Donald J. Trump Foundation was started up to give away proceeds he got from his Art of the Deal book sales. But he has not personally donated any money to the foundation since 2009. October 3rd, 2016, yes a month ago, the New York Attorney General's office ordered the foundation to stop its fundraising practices in New York. That sounds suspicious to me.

So basically he is a rude, arrogant, controversial, and a spoiled rich child who likes to get his way. He has on several occasions insulted women, Mexicans, Muslims, and a few other minority groups. During the 3 presidential debates I personally, and I’m sure many of you as well, kept saying is this really real? This is happening? What a joke! He made a fool of himself. Constantly interrupting the mediators and Hillary Clinton. When asked questions directly, he would defer to another subject off the topic. Locker room talk and emails indeed.

Under his economic plan families making between $20,000 and $200,000 will pay more taxes than under current federal regulations. He wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which will leave many people without health care including children. He believes the EPA is useless and has stated he would get rid of the Department of Education. None of that sounds good to me.

I think it is pretty clear who the right candidate is to choose. Make America Great Again? This place has been great my whole life! So get out there and vote!

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