Saturday, October 1, 2016

News to Who?

Recently while having a conversation at one of my favorite local watering holes, I told an older friend of mine about my current news endeavor. He told me a great story about when he was younger. This gentleman was stationed overseas in the military. He rarely received any news from home. One day a fellow soldier delivered some mail from home. Included in this parcel were a few copies of the Metamora Herald. Jokes ensued over the trivial nature of the local "news". While reviewing his correspondence my friend noticed a story. A local young man who attended high school with him had recently shipped out not too far away from where he was located. He made a trip to see him and they enjoyed some recreational time together. He told me it was very comforting to find someone from home while he was so far away.
The stories may not be the most exciting. Our headlines aren't big attention grabbers. These stories matter to us, though. Our community deserves a voice and we plan on keeping with the tradition of community news that the Metamora Herald provided for many years.

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