Wednesday, October 12, 2016

MGS Referendum Public Forum

Tonight Superintendent Marty Payne hosted a public forum in the high school auditorium concerning the referendum on the ballot next month to increase the Education Fund Tax Rate by 31¢. The public was allowed to submit questions and Mr. Payne, as well as members of the school board, took turns answering them. 

 It wasn't a tremendous turnout, but quite a few folks were there to find out more information and voice their concerns. One of the questions inquired as to the need of the money, and if funds had been used irresponsibly.  Another question from the audience asked if the state budget wasn't a problem, would this referendum still be preceding. The reply was that yes money is being spent appropriately, and if the Illinois budget crisis wasn't an issue then this would not be on the ballot.

 One person in attendance queried the expense of football, and would it save money by not having a football team. The answer is no. The grade school doesn't have a football team. 

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