Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall in Metamora

Fall in Metamora and Schaidle’s Farm, a great place for local fresh produce.
The changing of the leaves. The crisp cool autumn air. Fall is here and with it comes to a bountiful harvest of delicious foods and good times shared with family and friends. Who doesn't love raking leaves into a huge pile and jumping in.  The smell of them burning, the sound of the twigs and leaves popping and crackling. Ah, the sounds and smells of fall. One of my favorites would have to be pumpkin baking. The pies, bread, and cookies leave an intoxicating aroma of comfort for hours after baking. Baking pumpkins is only half the fun, carving them is a huge fall tradition in my family. We really enjoy going to the Schaidles farm, located right here in Metamora, to pick out our pumpkins to carve up for Halloween. They have an awesome selection of pumpkins, some really cool looking gourds, and other varieties of vegetables. It is a great local place to pick up some produce. table stuff.jpg2016pics 1139.JPG

Sue, one of the family of farmers says “this really began with my son Justin, when he was only 7. He would sell our leftover zucchinis and tomatoes at the end of the driveway. His first summer he made $48.00,” not bad for a kid nearly 30 years ago. And well, they have turned it into a successful business. They have 6 acres of land here and a larger farm in Fulton county. Lucrative enough to help pay for Justin and his 2 sisters, Corrine and Stacie, to go to college.  
Sue and her husband Dale start their greenhouse seedlings in February and begin planting by St. Patrick's day. That way they can harvest all summer long.  In the spring, they have the most wonderful little strawberries, so juicy and sweet.  Makes their homemade jam amazing.

Dale, Sue, and her parents can tons of food. Spicy beans, okra, salsa, relish, and homemade jams. Yum! They also sell a variety of pumpkins and gourds of all different shapes and sizes that are reasonably priced. bigass pumpkin.jpgSome of these things are huge. WOW! Onions, berries, herbs, and leaks. They have quite a bit to offer located  at the intersection of Lourdes Road and Santa Fe Trail. You can also see and try their wares at the local Farmers Market in Metamora, which is ran by Dale and Sue themselves,  Saturdays from June to the end of September. The Schaidles  sell some pies and bread there as well, all homemade. 2016pics 1153.jpg
So when you need a pumpkin or cool creepy looking gourd give the Schaidles a try. For carving or baking pumpkins it's the place to go.
Here is a great fall pumpkin spice bar recipe that has fewer calories than regular spice bars. One box of spice cake mixed with 24 ounces of pumpkin puree. Bake 350 for 20-30 mins check with fork or toothpick for doneness. Serve with whip cream for fewer calories, or have with cream cheese frosting. Delicious fall tradition.

3 bumpy gourds.jpgzompumpkin.jpg

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